10 Great Reasons to Own a Generic Domain Name

1. You get the best targeted traffic possible, better than Pay-Per-Click or link traffic. If a person is typing in the very word your firm represents, they are more likely to be a buyer.
2. You keep your competitors from getting this targeted traffic.
3. You can get traffic you never expected.
4. The domain is considered "Internet real estate". You can "write off" the cost of this business asset.
5. You can increase your search engine ranking with a great domain name.
6. You can get "accidental" traffic that might otherwise have gone to your competitors.
7. You own "mindshare". That too, will bring traffic to your business.
8. There is great public relations value in owning a one- or two-word generic domain name that is the name of your industry of business. 
9. Your firm saves money on not having to buy as much as Pay-Per-Click advertising.
10. No one else can ever own it - as long as you pay your annual fee.

(Marc Ostrofsky)

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