Voûte Digital Advertising (VDA) has been active in the field of Digital Advertising since 2005. Our motto is: Find, not search.

A network of more than 100 websites has been built up, promoting:

* Lawyers, such as on and
* Medical specialists, such as on
* Hotels, as on
* Restaurants, such as on and

We have a unique strategy: the Multi Website Strategy. Your practice or business is promoted on multiple interconnected websites.

Do you want information about the possibilities to promote your practice or business in our network of websites with highly targeted visitors? Please contact us, using the form below, and we will be happy to inform you with a tailor-made proposal.

Voûte Digital Advertising B.V.
Informationstart Internet Concepts B.V.
Grote Markt 39 A
The Netherland
Tel +31 651922 582

Founded in 2005
Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: 24370167
Vestigingsnr. 000016806093 


NAME: InformationStart Internet Concepts B.V.
Schiedam, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL05 INGB 000 5215184
VAT: NL133801627B02
Bank name: ING Bank 
Bank address: 
ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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